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Pre-Fallen Music

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===Mystary EP===
Promo EP sold at Juanita's acoustic show on January 13, 2003, sold for $5 with the misspelling being intentional. <br>
Ben described it as a "''Fallen'' sampler."
# [[My Last Breath]] ''([[Fallen]] Version)''
# [[My Immortal]] ''(Mystary Version) <sup>Band Version's demo. No guitars and slight differences in Amy's singing.</sup>''
# [[Farther Away]] ''([[Fallen]] b-side/[[Lost Whispers (album)|Lost Whispers]] Version)''
# [[Everybody's Fool]] ''([[Fallen]] Version)''
# [[Imaginary]] ''(Mystary Version) <sup>Some believe there are differences in this version however the TRT is 4:17 and there are no audible differences from the [[Fallen]] version.</sup>''
==Full List of 2001/2002 Demos==

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