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Pre-Fallen Music

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This list is regarding [[Evanescence]]'s Pre-Fallen material spanning from their start in 1995 until the release of their first promotional single, [[Bring_Me_to_Life_Single | Bring Me to Life]], in 2002.
We will also be touching breifly briefly on some history and information revolving around these old tracks.  On February 24, 2003, [[ in an interview]], Amy and Ben gave their permission to download all pre-Fallen material after learning that their Origin album was selling on eBay for $250.00.  
==1995 to 1998==
#Track 3
Their first [[Evanescence_(Compact_Cassette) | professional recording]], simply titled ''Evanescence'' was a casette cassette with two confirmed tracks on it.
# Solitude
# Understanding
In December 1998, Evanescence's first EP was "released" to friends and family.  ==1999== On January 2, 1999 the first [[Evanescence_(EP) | self-titled EP]] was released with the help of BigWig Enterprises. # [[Where Will You Go]]?''Organ version''# [[Solitude]]# [[Imaginary]] ''Slower guitar version''# [[Exodus]]# [[So Close ]] # [[Understanding (this is the ]] ''7 -minute "goth-anthem" organ version) ''# [[The End]]
There were outtakes for this EP.
# [[Give Unto Me ]] ''Piano/Vocal version''# [[Goodnight (]] ''later released in 2000 on Blitz Locals)''# [[My Immortal (]] ''Piano Vocal Version)chords version with extra lyrics''# [[October]]# [[Me & You (]] <sup>which some believe could be title titled ''Me In You'') ==1999==</sup>
In August 1999, the ''[[Sound Asleep]]'' EP was released.
# [[Give Unto Me]] ''instrumental''
# [[Whisper]]
# [[Understanding]] ''distorted guitars version, Ben loans some distorted vocals as well''
# [[Forgive Me]]
# [[Understanding]] ''7-minute goth-anthem organ version from 1998 EP''
# [[Ascension of the Spirit]] ''this is the 11:48 second version as this is supposed to be a hidden track.''

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