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Currently there There are 6 currently six "tributes. One is " to the String band as follows: "Eclipse: Piano Tribute, two others are made by the band Static Heaven, one made by jazz saxophonist Joey to Evanescence"G-Clef" Casavano, one made by pianist Ark Sano, and one produced by "The Electro Tribute To Evanescence: The Divine Machine" - James Davidson. One of them is a completely acoustic record. The titles of the CD's are "The String Quartet A Gothic Acoustic Tribute to Evanescence", - Switchblade Symphony"The String Quartet Tribute to Evanescence", "Gothic Acoustic Tribute to Evanescence", "- G-Clef Jazz Trio"A Tribute to Evanescence", - Static Heaven There is one additional tribute known of:"EclipseImmortalized: A Piano String Quartet Tribute to Evanescence" and "Electro Tribute To Evanescence: The Divine Machine".(January 2007)

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