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The Only One

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General Information
'''The Open Door:''' Track 10<br>
<BR>The guitar part by Balsamo makes this song remarkable. The piano playing and the vocals by Amy remind us of [[Missing]]. When the 7-string guitar takes over, we are a bit reminded of Korn (of which Evanescence have covered Thoughtless on [[Anywhere But Home]]). The intro features a small clip from [[Tuna Afternoon]], a song that does not actually exist entirely.
Described by Amy (off a VH1 article) - 's description of the song: "Like Sarah McLachlan if she was singing in the ninth circle of hell.The song is about some of my experiences as a teenager with close-mindedness. I thought the people around me seemed lost in a world that I really didn't belong in. It's kind of spiritual. We originally called the track 'Tuna Afternoon', because I made tuna noodle casserole that day. We still call the song 'Tuna Afternoon'. Sometimes it's hard to get past that working title." []
== Lyrics ==