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Changing song status and the official writing date
''Written by: [[Amy Lynn Lee|A. Lee]] and [[Will "Science" Hunt|W. B. Hunt]]''
'''''Hi-Lo''''' is the third track from [[Evanescence]]'s fourth studio album ''[[Synthesis]]''. It was written in 2007 by Amy and Will "Science" Hunt, being it their first written collaboration ever. It was chosen to be released in 2010 the upcoming third album, but when recording sessions were stopped, the band were originally recording song was discarded and remained on the backburner for ''[[Evanescence (album)|Evanescence]]'' before taking a break from the studio7 more years. The song was first announced in a ''Spin'' interview in March 2010;
{{quote|"Hi-Lo." It's a working title. It's going in an electro-pop direction -- there are no organic instruments. It's a Portishead or Massive Attack direction, and lyrically it's about moving on, but in a very non-confrontational, non-angry way. It's just, 'Hey, everything that happened, I'm over it and I'm not mad at you.'<ref name="spinevalbum" />}}
*''Recording Date:'' February - June 2010, May - August 2017
*''Status:'' Awaiting releaseReleased
*''Released On:'' ''[[Synthesis]]'' (track #3)
*''Length:'' 5:07

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