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Fonts and Logos

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[[Evanescence EP]]:
<BR>Packard Antique Regular(by Typographer Mediengestaltung)
<BR>-this isn't the actual font, but however is the closest that can be easily found online.
<BR>Trebuchet MS(by Microsoft Corp.)
<BR>-The font used for the album title, song titles, lyrics and liner notes.
<BR>-The front cover logo and current band logo, as well as the lyric song titles.
<BR>Apple Garamond(bitstream inc.)
<BR>-Not exactly the font, but freakishly close. Used for the liner notes and back tracklisting. Also used on the Live CD/DVD set [[Anywhere But Home]].
<BR>-Used for the tracklistings on the back and lyrics pages of the album. File also contains an accurate 'e' logo and "the Open door" cover logo.
<BR>Times New Roman(The Monotype Corporation)
<BR>-Used in the liner notes and acknowledgements sections of the album. (if it isn't The Last Font I'm Wasting On You, it's Times New Roman)
<BR>-Used in the promotion of ToD. Contains the curly logo decorations and other fancy curvy characters including the one used in the [[]] logo.
<BR>FrankRuehl(The Monotype Corporation)
<BR>-Also used in the promotion era of ToD. Used on the radio promo for [[Call Me When You're Sober]] and other various logos and such.

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