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Anywhere but Home Releases

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Consumer Releases
==Brazil CD Case Release I (CD + DVD)=='''Status:''' Out of Print <br>'''Label:''' Wind-Up<br>'''''' 509996 87041 24<br> <gallery>Image:ABHBRASIL1-FRONT.jpeg|FrontImage:ABHBRASIL1-BACK.jpeg|Back</gallery> ==Brazil CD Case Release II (CD + DVD)==
'''Status:''' Out of Print <br>
'''Label:''' Wind-Up<br>
==Turkey Turkish Pressing Cassette Release==
'''Status:''' Out of Print <br>
'''Label:''' Wind-Upup | Sony Muzik Turkiye<br>'''''' ?519207-4 | 5099751920748 (barcode)<br>
This appears to be release is the only one from Anywhere But Home to ever come in cassette release for this album, making format. It is extremely rare although it very valuable to collectorswas released commercially. It features a unique Evanescence and Anywhere But Home fonts and exclusive olive green color in the back of the tape insert. It is housed on a special transparent acrylic cassette case with 3 different Sony Music logos in high relief. There are also the words "Sony Music" written all over the thin audio tape (as seen from below). It contains the usual 14 tracks (Missing being the last one) with 7 tracks allocated on each side. The tape has a matte surface with the Turkish Sony Music's office address printed on both sides and the back of the internal insert is B&W and contains some track info.
Image:$(KGrHqFHJDME+VF7vnABH-Turkey-Cass-tBQS(8iOn4w~~60 3Front.JPGjpeg|Cassette Front Image:ABH-Turkey-Cass-Back.jpeg|Cassette BackImage:ABH-Turkey-Cass-SideA.jpeg|Tape Side AImage:ABH-Turkey-Cass-SideB.jpeg|Tape Side BImage:ABH-Turkey-Cass-Below.jpeg|Branded Audio TapeImage:ABH-Turkey-Cass-IntIns.jpeg|Back InsertImage:ABH-Turkey-Cass-Barcode.jpeg|BarcodeImage:ABH-Turkey-Cass-SonyLogo1.jpeg|Sony Music Logo (Front)Image from eBay):ABH-Turkey-Cass-SonyLogo2.jpeg|Sony Music LogoImage:ABH-Turkey-Cass-SonyLogo3.jpeg|Sony/Columbia Logo

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