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== Have a question or comment? ==
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== Account renaming/deletion ==
Hello. I'd like to have my account renamed to Lich Coldheart, if possible.If you cannot rename my account because the rules of the site do not allow it or you just don't do such things,I'd appreciate if you could delete my account so I could create another one. Please e-mail me with the answer at or Thank you.
== Lich Coldheart ==
Thank you for creating this new account for me. I can hardly wait to see if the merging process will work. By the way, do you consider the page [[Rare Songs and Demos]] that I created to be useful and/or well-written? Personally, I believe it could've been done much better but... that's what I managed to do. As I specified both on the page and on the talk section '''Rare Songs and Demos''' is meant to fight the confusion of the fans who may think that songs kind of "Restless" by [[Within Temptation]] belong to [[Evanescence]]. There was a very useful page here on this wiki named [[Non-Evanescence songs]] which contained a list with all popular songs that were mistaken as Evanescence's. A long time ago I created another page called [[Fake Evanescence Songs]] containing a list with less-known songs which were incorrectly labelled as belonging to Evanescence. But, for some reason, both pages have been deleted. So I thought that if we weren't allowed to create pages with non-Evanescence songs to inform the fans about this matter at least we could make it clearer about the Evanescence's ''stranger'' material and I created [[Rare Songs and Demos]]. What do you think about this matter? Please e-mail me at the same address or give me your answer on my new [[User talk:Lich Coldheart|talk]] page.
EDIT: If you can't merge the two accounts couldn't you just delete the old one? I'd appreciate if my old account no longer existed.
:Merge from Damian Alexandru (3242) to Lich Coldheart (3342) is complete.
:Deleted page User:Damian Alexandru
:Deleted page User talk:Damian Alexandru
:Damian Alexandru (3242) has been deleted.
:I updated the merge and delete extension, and it is functional once again. --[[User:DhammaSeeker|DhammaSeeker]] ([[User talk:DhammaSeeker|talk]]) 08:15, 28 May 2014 (PDT)
EDIT 2: Thank you so much!--[[User:Lich Coldheart|Lich Coldheart]] ([[User talk:Lich Coldheart|talk]]), 8:22, 28 May 2014 (PDT)
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