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Evanescence (EP)

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The '''''Evanescence EP ''''' is the first EP by [[Evanescence]]. It was Manufactured manufactured by [[Ben Moody]] and released by [[Amy Lee]] and [[Ben Moody]] in 1998 at a concert at Vino's in [[Little Rock, Arkansas]], as a printed CD-R. The EP sold for $15 each, and sold out that night. The EP was sold to friends and family as support before it got sold at Vino's.
Evanescence The EP is very rare; only 100 copies were made.
The cover features the sculpture Angel of Grief by William Wetmore Story, also found on the cover of [[Nightwish]]'s Once and The Tea Party's The Edges Of Twilight.
==Track Listinglisting ==#"[[Where Will You Go?]]? " (''Evanescence EP '' version)#"[[Solitude]]"#"[[Imaginary]] " (''Evanescence EP '' version)#"[[Exodus]]"#"[[So Close]]"#"[[Understanding]] " (''Evanescence EP '' version)#"[[The End]]"
===Outtakes===*"[[My Immortal]] " - The first ever version. Included only the vocals of Amy and a piano, featured some different lyrics.*"[[Give Unto Me]] " - A piano-vocal version, featuring lyrics. Was later remade as an instrumental for the ''[[Sound Asleep EP]]''.*"[[October]]"*"[[Me & You]]"
==Lineup==*[[Amy Lynn Lee |Amy Lee]] - vocals, piano, keyboards, arrangements<br/>*[[Ben Moody]] - guitars, drums, keyboards, programming, arrangements
==Guests==*[[William Boyd]] - bass, guitar, background vocals on "Solitude"<br/>*[[Matt Outlaw]] - drums on "Solitude" and "So Close"<br/>*[[Rocky Gray]] - drums on "Understanding"<br>*[[Stephanie Pierce]] - background vocals on "Understanding"
These are original concept art images from an unknown source. The front insert is the single image on one side and blank on the other. The back insert is the same way. The disc has the four 'E' designs screened in black on a silver CD-R.
Image:Evanescence_EP_Front.jpg|Front Insertinsert.Image:Evanescence_EP_Back.jpg|Back Insertinsert.Image:Evanescence_EP_Discart.jpg|Disc Artart.
You can download a [[Perfect Rip]] of the EP here:
*[ Download The EP in FLAC] <small>(Click [[Perfect Rip|Herehere]] For More Informationfor more information)</small>
*[ Download The EP in WAV]
*or download the mp3s [ Here]
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