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Songs list
I created the page [[Me & You]]. Can you add this page to [[Template:Songs]]? Also, why were [[You've Got A Lot To Learn]] and [[Hi-Lo]] removed from the songs list?--[[Bfdx]]
::I added [[Me & You]] as requested. I don't know why [[You've Got A Lot To Learn]] and [[Hi-Lo]] were removed from the songs list. In fact I don't know anything about those songs at all because I haven't been in the loop for years. [ Reviewing the history of that template], it looks like [ Gerard Armando] removed them on 16 October 2011. Check with him for more information. --[[User:DhammaSeeker|DhammaSeeker]] ([[User talk:DhammaSeeker|talk]]) 15:52, 29 April 2013 (PDT)
:::I would ask [[User:Gerard armando|Gerard Armando]], but it seems he hasn't been active for over a year. Anyway, thanks.

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