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[[Image:Bjork.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Björk on the cover of her 2nd studio album 'Post']]
'''Björk ''' is a singer/songwriter who grew up and was born in Iceland. Her musical career began in 1977 when Björk was 12 and a radio station helped her create an album of covers of popular songs. She then collaborated in many bands such as Tappi Tikarrass, KUKL, The Elgar Sisters and The Sugarcubes. The Sugarcubes was the band that spring boarded her career into the international scene, but after their third studio album, the group disintegrated:
''"Sugarcubes, number one was people. We liked each other and we had a good time together and the music that came out of that relationship was a bit of an accident. When I realized the Sugarcubes had become this serious band-thing, I started to realize that it was now or never. If I didn't record all those songs I'd written in my head, then it would never do it."''

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