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''<small>WUJC being the first part of the catalog number</small>''<BR>
Discs released directly from [[Wind-Up Records]] to United States radio stations. These discs are VERY rare and are often near impossible to find. They span the band's complete commercial career from [[Bring Me To Life]] to [[Good Enough]]. These discs often include alternate Single artwork and are always in full-sized Jewel cases (as opposed to a standard J-card single case). Earlier singles such as Bring Me To Life and My Immortal are especially rare, but more recently, the [[Good Enough]] WUJC single is known to be quite elusive. At least one person is really known to have every WUJC single, while some are close. There are, in all, twelve: 2 for BMTL, 1 for GU, 3 for MI and one for EF, CMWYS, Lithium, SS, and 2 for GE.
There is a rumour that Evanescence released a fifth single "Weight of the World" in October 2007, as a radio single like Imaginary and Missing. Therefore, there may be a WUJC single for this. However, this remains a mystery as no one has reported one being seen. It is also rumoured that there is a radio edit of the song but no one knows about this either.

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