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[[Image:SAMPCS2 Complete.jpg‎|thumb|A Complete SAMPCS Collection:Inserts+Discs]]
''<small>SAMPCS being the first part of the catalog number</small>''<BR>
The [[Fallen]] era radio promotional discs released in Europe under the Epic (Sony International) label. One exists for each single released off of Fallen (BMTL, GU, MI, EF & Missing). The Bring Me To Life SAMPCS single notably features a drastically different cover image and [[Daredevil Soundtrack]] information. EF and GU are fairly easy to find for sale online, the others, are much harder especially Missing. The Call Me When You're Sober European radio promo is not included in this category because it was released by a different label (Sony BMG). One person is known Several fans have managed to have collect all the SAMPCS singles.
===WUJC Radio Promos===
''<small>WUJC being the first part of the catalog number</small>''<BR>
Discs released directly from [[Wind-Up Records]] to United States radio stations. These discs are VERY rare and are often near impossible to find. They span the band's complete commercial career from [[Bring Me To Life]] to [[Good Enough]]. These discs often include alternate Single artwork and are always in full-sized Jewel cases (as opposed to a standard J-card single case). Earlier singles such as Bring Me To Life and My Immortal are especially rare, but more recently, the [[Good Enough]] WUJC single is known to be quite elusive. At least one person is really known to have every WUJC single, while some are close. There are, in all, twelve: 2 for BMTL, 1 for GU, 3 for MI and one for EF, CMWYS, Lithium, SS, and 2 for GE.
There is a rumour that Evanescence released a fifth single "Weight of the World" in October 2007, as a radio single like Imaginary and Missing. Therefore, there may be a WUJC single for this. However, this remains a mystery as no one has reported one being seen. It is also rumoured that there is a radio edit of the song but no one knows about this either.

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