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WUJC Radio Promos
[[Image:Wjuccomp.png|thumb|A Complete WUJC Collection, sans MI 3 Track]]
''<small>WUJC being the first part of the catalog number</small>''<BR>
Discs released directly from [[Wind-Up Records]] to United States radio stations. These discs are VERY rare and are often near impossible to find. They span the band's complete commercial career from [[Bring Me To Life]] to [[Good Enough]]. These discs often include alternate Single artwork and are always in full-sized Jewel cases (as opposed to a standard J-card single case). Earlier singles such as Bring Me To Life and My Immortal are especially rare, but more recently, the [[Good Enough]] WUJC single is known to be quite elusive. Nobody At least one person is really known to have every WUJC single, but while some are close. There are, in all, twelve: 2 for BMTL, 1 for GU, 3 for MI and one for EF, CMWYS, Lithium, SS, and 2 for GE.

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