Sixth studio album

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Studio album by Evanescence
Released TBC
Recorded TBC
Label TBC
Producer TBC
Evanescence chronology
The Bitter Truth


In an interview with Revolver published on August 12, 2022, Amy Lee mentioned that the band have begun to get the "itch" to work on new music.

Vin1.jpg We're in that mode right now where it feels like it's time to do something. I don't know if any of us are ready to look at it like committing to doing a full new album yet, it's a little soon for that. But we need to just start playing around and getting creative. We're at that place. The itch is itching so the scratching comes next.[1] Vin2.jpg

In separate interviews in November 2022, Amy said that thoughts and inspiration has begun for new music, and the band will slow down the live shows at the end of 2023 to start getting creative.[2][3]

Vin1.jpg I try not to make too many concrete plans – it just happens. When you sit at the piano and just let it happen. But yeah, I want to make new music with this cool new energy we have with the band.[4] Vin2.jpg