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Released on CD in 1998
Released by BigWig Enterprises

Track Listing:
1) Every Day Life: "Time to Change"
2) Battered Fish: "Sometimes"
3) Fuzzy Matthews: "I'm Gone"
4) Farewell to Juliet: "Holiday on Ice"
5) Kevin Clay: "Coffee with Caffeine"
6) Adam: "Written on the Body"
7) Moby (performing as Voodoo Child): "Dog Heaven"
8) Evanescence: "Understanding"
9) The Huntingtons: "Dokken Roll"
10) Michael Knott: "Miss Understanding"
11) Jeff Elbel: "Miracle Rain"
12) Simple Mary's Diary: "Magnetic Baby"
13) Bon Voyage: "Be What I Need"
14) Britannika: "How We Shipwrecked Our Lives"
15) Sunny Day Roses: "You Know What to Do"
16) Vigilantes of Love: "Rising, Although Slow"

This was the first time Evanescence had been committed to CD.