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Masaaki Sato is a Japanese fashion, costume and accessory designer who lives in New York. He is Amy Lee's long time collaborator and has designed some of the outfits she's worn on Evanescence's tours.

During a podcast in March 2019, Amy talked about her work with Masaa:[1]

Vin1.jpg I have my very good friend Masaa who lives here [in New York] and is a fashion designer, but he is involved in the actual mathematical creation in the pattern design, which is rare. Everybody wants to do the design, the thing that I do like creating the idea, but nobody wants to do the math homework that makes it happen. So he's a pattern maker and he's worked for a lot of the big designer brands, so he's awesome and we get together and this most recent time literally he just came over to my house and we put on some cool music and just sat with two sketch pads and designed ideas and like thought and stuff. And then 10 mins later he's like, "Okay, what you got?". I was like, "okay, I got this idea." Like, "Think about this". I was like, "check out mine" and we came up with three cool ideas and then I was like "okay, two o'clock tomorrow". Like let's go to where we always go, Mood Fabrics, at the Garment District. So cool to live in New York, we have everything here. And we meet at the fabric store. We just like use our design ideas and look at the fabrics and think about which ones we want and then I buy them and he takes them home and he makes whatever we designed. Vin2.jpg

2011 Nobel Peace Prize concert dress

Designed especially for the Nobel Peace concert in 2011.

Phoenix Bolero

Worn in early 2017 shows, but also worn in a photoshoot for Kerrang! in July 2017.

Starlight skirt

Worn during the Synthesis Live Tour and also during the Verona show in September 2019.

2019 tour

Outfits for the 2019 live shows.



Designed for Amy's guest appearance at Wagakki Band's orchestral show in Osaka, Japan on February 16, 2020. This is what Amy had to say about the kimono:[2]

Vin1.jpg My long time collaborator and friend @masaaki_sato_ made this kimono for me out of about 5 different vintage kimonos for my performance with @wagakkiband. He called his dad Hiromasa, who lives in Matsumoto City, Japan, to source the materials for the project by going to vintage shops, sending photos of kimonos and then mailing the ones we chose to Masa in NY. Masa took them apart and sewed them back together into one awesome “Frankenmono!” Thank you Masaaki and Hiromasa for this unique and beautiful work of art ❤️ Vin2.jpg

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