Jen Majura

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Jen Majura
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Jen Majura (born 16 June 1983) is a German guitarist, bassist and singer. Having played professionally since 2000, she is currently the lead guitar for Evanescence. She replaces Terry Balsamo, who left the band citing personal reasons.

Vin1.jpg I received an email with the request for joining from evanescence's management one evening while I was playing and practicing guitar. My reaction? - I couldn't belive my eyes and I think I stoped breathing for some minutes hahahaha. No words can tell how honored, exited and Happy I am!

Few days later I was on my way to New York, to meet up with Amy and we had a splendid time together, laughing, jamming, talking and so on. She is an amazing person and we found more and more things we have in common.[1]


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