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*''Status:'' Awaiting release
*''Status:'' Awaiting release
*''Released On:'' ''[[Synthesis]]'' (track #3)
*''Released On:'' ''[[Synthesis]]'' (track #3)
*''Length:'' TBC
*''Length:'' 5:07

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All That I'm Living For
Anything for You
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Away from Me
Before the Dawn
Breathe No More
Bring Me to Life
Call Me When You're Sober
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End of the Dream
Erase This
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Everybody's Fool
Farther Away
Field of Innocence
Forever You
Forgive Me
Give Unto Me
Going Under
Good Enough
If You Don't Mind
Instrumental 1
Instrumental 2
Instrumental 3
Instrumental 4
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Me & You
My Heart Is Broken
My Immortal
My Last Breath
Never Go Back
New Way to Bleed
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Snow White Queen
So Close
Sweet Sacrifice
Swimming Home
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Taking Over Me
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The Game is Over
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The Last Song I'm Wasting on You
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The Other Side
Together Again
Unknown Title
Wasted on You
Weight of the World
What You Want
Where Will You Go?
You Got a Lot to Learn
Your Love
Your Star
* Cover songs

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General information

Written by: A. Lee and W. B. Hunt

Hi-Lo is the third track from Evanescence's fourth studio album Synthesis. It was first written in 2010 when the band were originally recording for Evanescence before taking a break from the studio. The song was announced in a Spin interview in March 2010;

Vin1.jpg "Hi-Lo." It's a working title. It's going in an electro-pop direction -- there are no organic instruments. It's a Portishead or Massive Attack direction, and lyrically it's about moving on, but in a very non-confrontational, non-angry way. It's just, 'Hey, everything that happened, I'm over it and I'm not mad at you.'[1] Vin2.jpg

This song was not included in the final tracklisting of the band's third self-titled album.

Hi-Lo was confirmed to be on Synthesis when the track list was revealed through the album's pre-order on September 15, 2017.

In an article by Revolver, they published that musician and violinist, Lindsey Stirling, makes a guest apperance on the song.[2] Amy Lee confirmed it was true in an Evanescence Q&A on Facebook, making it the second Evanescence song ever to feature an external artist (the first being Paul McCoy on Bring Me To Life).

Vin1.jpg Q: How was it working with Lindsey Stirling?

Amy: She is amazing. I can't WAIT for you to finally hear Hi-Lo, and the amazing new life she brought to the song!!! [3]


Hi-Lo was premiered live at the first Synthesis Live show at the Pearl Concert Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 14, 2017.

In the songbook/tour program given to those who purchased VIP packages and available at the merch booth, Hi-Lo is explained:

After 10 years in the vault it is our pleasure to finally bring this song into the light. It was the first creative collaboration with Will Hunt (Spaceway), Synthesis producer and programmer. After a decade of not quite fitting in, it finally found its rightful home on this project.

Episode four of Inside Synthesis features Lindsey Stirling in the studio recording Hi-Lo. Amy speaks about how she thought of Lindsey after talks of a guest featuring on the song took place[4];

Vin1.jpg Amy: We had a piece in one of the new songs that felt like it could use one more thing, and we talked about the possibility of having a guest and I thought of Lindsey right away.

She's the very definition of somebody who doesn't fit inside of a box. She really paved her own path. I respect that so much.

It's very interesting that we've never, like, met, because I think creatively we have a lot in common.


Lindsey talks about her admiration for Amy Lee as an artist in the episode;

Vin1.jpg Lindsey: Not only do I love [Amy's] voice and her music, but I love that she is so incredibly- you can tell she's very creatively involved in her craft. You know, you can just feel that about certain artists, and I can feel that with Amy in the work that she does. Vin2.jpg


Studio versions:


  • Recording Date: February - June 2010, May - August 2017
  • Status: Awaiting release
  • Released On: Synthesis (track #3)
  • Length: 5:07

Live versions:

Hi-Lo [ Synthesis Live ]

  • Performing period: October 14, 2017 - TBC
  • Example: Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, NV (October 14, 2017)


I don't know your heart
I don't know where to begin
But I could feel you erasing the rivers I'd drawn in
The more I stood still the faster you were running
You don't know how it feels crawling under your skin
so far, so far away
Don't you know we could be

High or Low, you never fell beneath me
And I gave up on you, but I never forgot you

I can't be your friend
Hold your hand while you bleed

There's nothing left to give you
Nothing more I need
Time to let it sleep
Oh, the damage was real
But nothing cut me so deep I could not heal

Don't you know we could be
High or Low, you never fell beneath me
And I gave up on you, but never forgot you

High or Low
You never fell beneath me
And I gave up on you
But I never forgot


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