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I’m not afraid<br>
I’m not afraid<br>
I push through the pain<br>
I push through the pain<br>
And I’m on fire
And I’m on fire<br>
I remember how to breathe again<br>
I remember how to breathe again<br>

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General information

Written by: A. Lee, T. Balsamo, T. McCord, W. Hunt and W. B. Hunt

End of the Dream is the ninth track from Evanescence's third studio album, Evanescence. The song is described as launching "full bore with chunky guitar, then falls into a brooding grove with piano underpinning Lee's unmistakable vocals".[1] It was premiered on Spin before the release of the album on October 4, 2011.[1] "It's about understanding that this life isn't forever, and how you have to live it, embrace even the pain, before it's all over. As much as it hurts, it just means you're alive. So don't be so afraid to get hurt that you miss out on living", said Amy in the interview with Spin.[1]

In a track-by-track interview with NME, Amy said:

Vin1.jpg The End of the Dream is, just about life, and the end of the dream is death. You know it's about the journey and it's about, again, this recurring theme of not being afraid and living while you're alive because it doesn't last forever. I think that's something that comes out a lot in our music because it's something that I deeply feel.

It's funny though cause I'm always telling it to myself. It's not like you learn something and then just go 'Yeah, totally'... You have to make a constant effort to remind yourself of things that you believe in, you know. So I feel like, yeah that theme about not being afraid and life doesn't last forever... that comes out a lot. And yeah, that song is about that![2]


Amy said more about the song in a Loudwire interview:

Vin1.jpg In general, it is about life and the afterlife, and the fact that basically it’s short. It’s my understanding of death, and my relationship with it, and life. It’s my respect and appreciation for the fact that life is not going to last forever so you have to live now, you have to follow your heart, even when it hurts. That pain is something that you can’t take for granted.[3] Vin2.jpg

In a Reddit AMA thread in 2016, Amy was asked by a fan why the band have never performed End of the Dream live, to which she responded:

Vin1.jpg Its very nearly impossible to sing. I love that song too! I need an extra pair of lungs to do that live in the middle of a show. We've been playing longer sets than ever, and I love that. I've found I can do more if we pace the set right. If The End of the Dream was in the set, I'd have to eliminate a few others and probably have a nap and a snack after haha.[4] Vin2.jpg

End of the Dream was confirmed to be reworked and included on the orchestral album, Synthesis, when the track list was revealed through the album's pre-order on September 15, 2017. Many fans speculated whether it would be included since Amy said it's almost impossible to sing live. However, it was performed for the first time on October 14, 2017 at the Pearl Concert Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada. This makes Evanescence the only album played live in full to date. Watch a performance of the song here.

When asked about the Synthesis reworking of the song, which opens with a eletronic drone, this is what Amy said:

Vin1.jpg This was one of my first big, clear visions for the record – that intro. The feeling I had when I wrote the lyrics, it felt like this in my heart. So fragile and raw. When we recorded our self-titled album version of the song, we made all kinds of cool production and arrangement decisions with the band, and with our producer. And that song ended up with these pretty slamming, full on verses. The feeling totally changed. I wanted to take it back to its home in my head this time.[5] Vin2.jpg

In another interview, she further explained why she decided to re-record the song for Synthesis:

Vin1.jpg I wanted to re-record The End of the Dream in a way that exposed the completely post traumatic healing of a survivor- taking the time to focus on the pain, and then look up and past it, gathering the strength to live on, better. Stronger. With a new understanding of the beauty of pain and the heartbreak of real life, not fly away from it, but carry it. Carry it all and feel grateful for it. Even proud.[6] Vin2.jpg


Studio Versions

End of the Dream [Evanescence version]

  • Recording Date: February 2011 - July 2011
  • Status: Released
  • Released On: Evanescence (track #9)
  • Length: 3:48

End of the Dream [Synthesis version]

  • Recording Date: May - August 2017
  • Status: Released
  • Released On: Synthesis (track #6)
  • Length: 4:54

Live Versions

End of the Dream [Synthesis Live]

  • Performing period: October 14, 2017 - September 8, 2018
  • Status: Released
  • Recording date: November 3, 2017
  • Released on: Synthesis Live (track #4)
  • Length: 4:58


I found a grave
Brushed off the face
Felt your light and
I remember why I know this place

I found a bird
Closing her eyes
One last time
And I wonder if she dreamed like me

Well as much as it hurts
Ain't it wonderful to feel
So go on and break your wings
Follow your heart ‘til it bleeds
As we run towards the end of the dream

I’m not afraid
I push through the pain
And I’m on fire
I remember how to breathe again

As much as it hurts
Ain't it wonderful to feel
So go on and break your wings
Follow your heart ‘til it bleeds
As we run towards the end of the dream

Why must we fall apart
To understand how to fly
I will find a way
Even without wings

Follow your heart ‘til it bleeds
As we run towards the end of the dream
Follow your heart ‘til it bleeds
As we come to the end of the dream