David Hodges

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David Hodges
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David Hodges was formerly the keyboard/piano player for Evanescence. He joined the band in 1999 and left in December 2002, just 4 months before Fallen was released. David was responsible for most of the string arrangements on Fallen. Outside Evanescence, he has also collaborated with Amy Lee on Breathe and Fall Into You. Currently he is in the band The Age of Information (formerly known as Trading Yesterday)and also working as a solo artist. As well has pursuing his own musical projects since Evanescence, David has also written and produced a number of songs for other artists.

Trading Yesterday/The Age of Information

The band released The Beauty and The Tragedy in June 2004 and they signed to Epic Records in the summer of 2004 but ended up parting ways with the label in 2005. The band's album 'More Than This' was shelved permanently and will never be officially released. 'More Than This' could be downloaded through the Internet starting in December 2006. After changing their band name from Trading Yesterday to The Age of Information in September 2007 they released an EP on September 11, 2007 entitled 'Everything Is Broken'.

Solo Career

Outside The Age of Information , David has also signed as a solo artist to Warner Brothers & Reprise Records as of September 18, 2008.[1]. Rather than releasing a full album he is releasing a series of EP's. The first EP The Rising was released for digital download on August 11, 2009. David also pursued a tour during this time which started on August 02, 2009 and finished on August 22, 2009. His solo progress can be followed on his official website or Twitter page: twitter.com/hodgesmusic



  • David used to date the original American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson.

Solo Projects

  • Musical Demonstrations Pt.1 (2000)
  • The Summit Church: Summit Worship (2000) (David has 7 songs on this CD)
  • The Summit Church: The Genesis Project (2003) (David has 3 song on this CD)
  • The Light (soundtrack) (2003)
  • The Rising (EP) (2009)

Band Projects

  • Evanescence - Keyboards, vocals (1999-2002)
  • The Age of Information (formerly known as Trading Yesterday) - Vocals, Guitars and Piano (2003-present)