Dark New Day

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Dark New Day
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Band that current Evanescence touring guitarist, Troy McLawhorn, and drummer, Will Hunt are in. The band formed in 1995 but because band members were busy with their other bands at the time, they didn't make a record until they reformed in 2004. They released their first album called 'Twelve Year Silence' on June 14, 2005 and the first single, 'Brother', became a hit on active rock and alternative radio stations. Their second album should be released sometime in early 2008.

Band Memebers

  • Brett Hestla - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
  • Troy McLawhorn - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Clint Lowery - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Corey Lowery - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Will Hunt - Drums, Backing Vocals


  • Twelve Year Silence (June 14, 2005)
  • Black Porch (Acoustic Sessions) (EP) (September 5, 2006)
  • Untitled 2nd album - (March 2008)