Catocala Lacrymosa

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From top to bottom: Catocala Lacrymosa in real life, on The Open Door booklet front cover and on Sweet Sacrifice Radio Single front cover.

Catocala Lacrymosa (pronounced cah-TOCK-uh-lah lack-rih-MOH-suh) is the scientific name of the moth that appears in the artwork of The Open Door and Sweet Sacrifice Radio Single. It can be assumed that this species was used because of its name matching the song Lacrymosa.

The Tearful Underwing, Catocala lacrymosa (wingspan: 60-82mm), flies from Massachusetts and Connecticut south to Florida, west to Texas and eastern Oklahoma and north to Illinois and Michigan and into southern Ontario. Tom Middagh reports them from as far west as Minnesota.

The forewing is highly variable with a mixture of black, brown (wing tips and outside postmedial line) and dark grey scaling. There are usually whitish crescents along the inner margin at the base of the antemedial and postmedial lines.

The hindwings are black with white checkered fringe, turning black near the anal angle.