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Bigwig Enterprises
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A small independent record label in Little Rock, AR, founded by Brad Caviness in the '90s. It was credited as distributor on Evanescence's independent EPs - Evanescence EP (1998) and Sound Asleep (1999) - and demo CD Origin (2000). Bigwig closed in 2007.

Bigwig first associated with Evanescence in 1998, with the RIM v.beta compilation. Its website published the band's first known merchandise: a shirt and a poster; both sold during the Little Rock concerts back in 2000.

The label's website sold Origin at the price of $15, marketing as the band's "debut CD".[1] It could be reserved both online via or via mail. It was shipped to the USA, and after some time also to Canada (for $16) and Europe (for $17)[2]

The label manufactured 2,500 copies of Origin, with the first pressing of 1,000 copies delivered in October 2000 and the final pressing of 1,500 copies in January 2001. Bigwig released Evanescence from their contract when they signed to Wind-Up Records in 2001, relinquishing its license to manufacture or distribute any additional copies of Origin.[3][4] However, Bigwig continued to sell copies of it until February 2003 (a day or two before the Daredevil Soundtrack with two Evanescence songs was released), when it was removed from the catalog.[5][6]

The label supposedly planned to release a rarities compilation album titled The Insanity of Logic, but it was never completed due to the band's contract with Wind-up.[7]

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