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There have been plenty of appearances of Ev-related music on many different television shows and some movies.

Here is a list of most of their appearances:


Bring Me To Life - 2003 WWE No Way Out, Without A Trace "Exposure" (CBS), CSI:Miami "Under The Influence" (CBS), Tru Calling trailers (FOX), Mitsubishi commercial, Triple Crown Horse Racing, Daredevil. "Kelly Clarkson vandalizes Amy Lee's house" video. Opel Astra Cosmo commercial.

Breathe No More - Elektra

Call Me When You're Sober - Sonic Seducer Commercial

Everybody's Fool - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC)

Going Under - NBA Basketball (ABC), Chinese men’s gymnastics montage (NBC), The Grid (TNT), LAX (NBC), Bionic Woman "Faceoff", Enter the Matrix video game, Tristan and Isolde brazilian trailer

Good Enough - CSI - "Fallen Idols"

Hello - All My Children (ABC)

Imaginary - The Village trailer

Lacrymosa - The Tudors trailer, The Lachrymist (2014)

My Immortal - Friends promos leading up to the series finale, WWE Tribute to Fallen Superstars 2003, Daredevil, Smallville "Memoria" (WB), Moonlight "No Such Thing As Vampires", Israeli Soap Operas (Michaella, Telenovella Ltd., Haalufa (The Champion) - They all used the Origin version so they will not have to pay for it).

So Close - Energy Studio, "Kelly Clarkson vandalizes Amy Lee's house" video.

Sweet Sacrifice - Smokin' Acess 2

Taking Over Me - Making the Band (MTV)

Whisper - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC)


Broken - The Punisher

Freak on a Leash - MTV Unplugged