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Amy Hartzler
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Amy Lynn Hartzler (née Lee, born December 13, 1981 in Riverside, California) is the co-founder and lead singer of Evanescence. Her family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida, Rockford, Illinois, and finally stopped in Little Rock, Arkansas. Responsible for many of Evanescence’s hard hitting lyrics and is the main songwriter on the new album, The Open Door. Amy provides the image for the band and does most of the interviews. Ben Moody discovered Amy Lee’s voice in summer camp in 1994 when she performed a few lines of Meatloaf’s "I'd Do Anything For Love." After that, the rest is history. She is currently one of the most popular and sought after voices in music today.


Lee has no trademark style with the "Faux Gothic". She dyes her hair jet black, though her hair is actually light brown. Her eyes are naturally light green, although she wears light blue contacts which make her eyes look ice blue. She also designs many of her own clothes, including those worn in the music video for Going Under and the dress she wore at the 2004 Grammy awards. After she designed it, she chose Japanese designer H. Naoto to make it for her,[1] although she does sometimes make her own clothes. In concerts, she often wears a corset and fishnets. Amy used to have a notable piercing on her left eyebrow which she had taken out and had re-pierced a few times, but she took it out for good sometime in mid-2005.

Many fans praise Lee for her refusal to emulate other celebrities by using sex appeal in her music. She has stated on a number of occasions that she would never flash her breasts or engage in other publicity stunts that would draw attention to herself. In fact, in the music video for Everybody's Fool, she aimed to mock such artists by suggesting celebrities who use sex to appeal to an audience are, in fact, merely peddling "lies" (the unifying theme of the music video). [2]

In her personal life, she enjoys being a girl. Her clothing style is quirky and marked by her frequent use of not-so-goth clothes (she stated in an interview with AOL that she was wearing "something floral"). She explains it as a professional thing, saying that her image onstage is so different from her normal clothes because it completes the image; if she were to come out onstage in pink boots and a track suit and sing about despair, it would totally ruin the image.

Kerrang Magazine readers voted her #1 Sexiest Rock Women with Hayley Williams from Paramore coming in 2nd.

Amy Lee will be honored with National Music Publishers' Association Songwriter Icon Award for 2008. She will recieve the award on June 18 in New York City. This award is very privileged as only one person gets it per year out of the whole music industry. She will also perform for them. The Icon Award recognizes outstanding songwriters for personal achievement and who personify the vision of NMPA and the goals of its members. Former recipients include Jimmy Webb and Neil Sedaka. To see the official page, click here:[1]

Amy Lee attended the Betsey Johnson Spring 2009 Fashion Show. The event was not in 2009 (of course). It was held in 2008. She was there with Kelly Osbourne.


Lee, the principal lyricist and composer of Evanescence, employs simple yet expressive melodies that stand alone or intertwine with accompanying guitars. Many melodies involve a sub melody or return to a base note or sequence, as in the choruses of "Good Enough," "Breathe No More," and the live Korn cover "Thoughtless" as well as the intro and bridge of "Imaginary," among others. Many of the piano parts are comprised of melodies with minimal chords and left-hand accompaniment, both when played with guitar parts ("Lithium," "Like You," "Your Star," "Going Under," "Thoughtless," among others) and alone or featured with minimal backing ("Lithium," "Lose Control," "The Only One," "Good Enough," "Bring Me To Life," "Imaginary," "Taking Over Me," "Hello," "Breathe No More," "Thoughtless," among others).

It is also quite noticeable that most Evanescence songs such as Bring Me To Life, Tourniquet, Imaginary, Haunted and the Sound Asleep version of Understanding have almost similar chord progressions.


Lee has an impressive recorded vocal range, stretching from Eb3 (“Cloud Nine,” 0:01/0:04) to E6 ("During a Warm Up," 2:46/2:51). On an MTV Diary special, Lee is shown warming up for a show where she sings a D#6 (4:35/4:37, as timed from the beginning of the Evanescence section), giving her an exhibited range three octaves and one semitone. Lee has a mezzo-soprano vocal range.

Social Efforts

Out of the Shadows

In 2005, Amy became a spokesperson for the Epilepsy Foundation and launched a campaign called Out of the Shadows. The goal is to help spread awareness about epilepsy and to encourage people to not discriminate against people with epilepsy. This campaign is important to Amy, as well as her family, because her younger brother has epilepsy and she has seen first hand the effect it has. Here is the official website of the project.

To Write Love in Her Arms

Amy is currently supporting To Write Love on Her Arms, a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. Her husband, Josh Hartzler, has a counseling background. Amy was wearing a T-shirt of the movement on 11/12/2007, in Nissan Live on Yahoo! Music. Here is the official website of the project.

UN Haiti Relief Effort

On January 22nd, 2010, Amy announced on her Twitter account[3] the release of Together Again to the public, after the Haiti earthquake events - "Today @Evanescence is releasing a new song, Together Again, and the proceeds are going to help Haiti! Details to follow!". If you were to donate at least five dollars or more, you would receive this song. According to Amy, the song successfully raised over $31,000 in its first week of availability [4].

Restore Freedom

In 2010, Amy supported Restore Freedom to help the campaign against sex trafficking and for the construction of the first "safehouse" in NY, to host the victims of sex trafficking. in the Restore Freedom official website, Amy has a personal page where it's still possible making a donationto support the project. The campaign raised over 125,000$[5].

Other Appearances

In 2000, Amy sang guest vocals on David Hodges' songs 'Breathe' (The Summit Church: Summit Worship CD) and unreleased song of his called 'Fall Into You'.

She did back up vocals on Big Dismal's song 'Missing You' off of their 2003 debut release CD, Believe.

Did some vocals on the Underworld soundtrack in 2003 but after some issues with her record label her voice was never used. Her name still appears in the credits though.

Amy is featured on Seether's song Broken. The song was released as a single in 2004 and can be found on The Punisher soundtrack and on Seether's Disclaimer II album.

She appears on KoЯn's 2007 MTV Unplugged album on the track 'Freak On A Leash'. The song was also released as the first single.

She sang Epiphany with Aaron Lewis from Staind, at My Coke Fest 2007 held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Amy also appeared with Finger Eleven live. It is one of the two videos favorited by the official Evanescence YouTube.

Amy Lee made a remake of Sally's Song of the Nightmare before Christmas (1993). The cover is featured on the Nightmare Revisited soundtrack which was released in September 2008 in the U.S and 27th October in the U.K., published by Walt Disney Records.

Tools of the Trade

On tour, Amy uses a Baldwin baby grand piano with a keyboard insert (a baby grand piano shell with an electronic keyboard instead of an acoustic piano on the inside). She also uses a stand-alone Baldwin keyboard and Shure Microphones. But during their NYC Secret Concert and during the Maquinaria Festival in Brazil in 2009, she used a Roland Keyboard.

At the 50th Grammy Awards, Amy disclosed that she was working hard learning the harp, practicing two hours a day.

MySpace & Facebook

Amy Lee does not have a personal MySpace page or Facebook profile. There are several impostor pages on both sites claiming to be Amy Lee. They are not real. [6]

She has also stated this again more recently as of October 2009 in a response to a user on Twitter

Vin1.jpg "Glad you asked! No, this is my only Twitter. I also do NOT have a personal facebook or myspace page, those are all false." [7] Vin2.jpg

The Evanescence MySpace page is operated by the label (Wind-up Records).


Amy has a Twitter account, created September 22, 2009, with the nickname of AmyLeeEV''[8]. With this profile Amy keeps fans updated about news. She revealed this writing this post on EvThreads:

Vin1.jpg Hey guys!

I can't believe I'm saying this but.....
I've decided to try out the twitter thing. I think it might be a fun way to stay in touch better and I know I need to announce myself on here because there are so many other 'me's.' My name on twitter is AmyLeeEv. I can't guarantee I'll have anything interesting to say but if you're really bored and need a distraction, why not follow me? Actually, I think I haven an idea for my first tweet. How about I spill the first little surprise I've been holding onto? See you there!



General Facts


  • Amy was born at Parkview Hospital and is a Sagittarius; she was born in The Year of the Rooster.
  • Amy is named after the 70's song "Amie" by Pure Prairie League.
  • Amy didn't really have any childhood names, it was always either Amy, Ames, or Amers.
  • Amy's said that her heritage is mostly Scottish and English.[9]
  • When Amy was in middle school, she insists that she was "overweight and had poofy hair."
  • While moving around the country, Amy attended a junior high school, where she met one of her childhood "enemies", Christina. Christina once tore Amy's drawings that were on a sketch pad while she was away.[2]
  • In high school, Amy was active in choir and drama. She was also president of the choir (hence her name for herself, "choir nerd"). While there, she wrote the song Listen To The Rain, which was performed by the Pulaski Academy mixed choir.
  • According to Maximum Evanescence, Ben Moody took Amy to her senior prom in high school. During this time, Amy and Ben had a very close brother-sister relationship.
  • Amy's immediate family includes father John Lee, a well known DJ on K106.3 in Little Rock, mother Sarah Lee, brother Robby, and sisters Carrie and Lori. Lee had a third sister, who died in 1987 at the age of three from an undisclosed illness, who is known to be the inspiration for a few very personal songs. "On the last record, I wrote Hello about her. Like You is her place on this record The Open Door."
  • Past romantic relationships include Ben Moody and Shaun Morgan.
  • Amy is currently married to a long time friend, Josh Hartzler, who is a 29-year-old therapist. She wrote Bring Me To Life about him and he also inspired the song Good Enough, the last song on The Open Door. The two were engaged on January 8th, 2007, and Amy made the first official announcement on January 9th.[10] They were married on May 6th, 2007.
  • Amy currently lives in Manhattan.
  • Amy's related to Robert E. Lee (Her great, great...) uncle.
  • Amy knows how to snowboard.


  • Some of Amy's influences include Björk, Portishead (Beth Gibbons), SoundGarden, Nirvana, KoRn, Carole King, Michael Jackson, Janis Joplin, Tori Amos, Plumb, Mozart, and Hardcore.
  • Amy's favorite Fallen song is Going Under.
  • Amy loves performing Your Star live.
  • When asked what her favorite song from The Open Door was, Amy replied "It's hard to pick," but later replied All That I'm Living For, but was interrupted while answering.[3]
  • Amy took acting lessons for stage presence before they started recording Fallen.
  • Amy would prefer to stay at home and play in one place, but she still likes to tour.
  • Amy is a notable Baldwin Piano user, though she used to play Kurzweil keyboards while performing My Immortal live when the band was starting out.
  • Amy performed a cover of Sally's Song, a song featured on the Nightmare Revisited Soundtrack.
  • Amy can play the guitar, as demonstrated in the The Cartoon Network Song.
  • Amy can also play the harp, which she first used in her cover of Sally's Song.
  • If she wasn't in show biz, Amy would help people by being a nurse or social worker. Especially helping abused kids.
  • Before Evanescence took off, Amy was about to start part-time work as a waitress.
  • When Amy was younger, she wanted to be a vet, until her dad showed her a dog surgery on the Discovery channel.
  • Amy received the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) 2008 Songwriter Icon Award.


  • Amy doesn't use any automatic voice tuning software on stage.[12]

Music Likes/Dislikes

  • The first album Amy owned was the California Raisins tape.
  • Michael Jackson was Amy's idol growing up.
  • Amy's favorite 80's song is "Everything She Wants" by Wham!. She has sung the song karaoke at least five times.
  • Amy hates "Who Let The Dogs Out" by the Baha Men.
  • Amy admits to listening to Mariah Carey.
  • Amy likes one of Lisa Gerrard's songs.

Movie Likes/Dislikes

  • One of Amy's favorite movies is An American Tail.
  • Amy's favorite movie is the Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Amy's favorite zombie movie is Dead Alive.
  • Amy's favorite Johnny Depp film is Edward Scissorhands.
  • Amy's favorite actors are Giovanni Ribisi and Johnny Depp.
  • Amy's top five horror films are:
  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  2. Halloween
  3. Carrie
  4. Psycho
  5. The Birds

Amy and her cat.


  • Amy used to have a cat named Fievel. She found him in a ditch, and he now lives with her's family.
  • Amy later had a cat named Zero, until it met a coyote.
  • Amy now owns a few cats, one of which (in the photo) is a Bengal cat.
  • Amy owns two cats: Stella and Shermie.[4]


  • Amy is allergic to lobster. If she eats it, she'll go into a coma.
  • The beach is one of Amy's favorite places - she loves the ocean.
  • Amy's favorite holiday is Halloween.
  • Amy's favorite era is the Victorian era because they had such cool clothes.
  • The one thing Amy would bring with to a deserted island would be a piano.
  • Amy is the shortest members of the band, past or present.
  • Amy's been to the Haunted Mansion at Disney World "a million times."
  • Amy's most embarrassing celebrity crush is Corey Feldman from The Goonies.
  • Amy thinks pirates are better than ninjas.
  • Amy's favorite color is aqua.
  • During the annual lunch box auction, Amy's lunch box had the highest bid out of all the lunch boxes.
  • Amy loves any food her dad makes.
  • Amy's favorite drink is Red Wine.

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