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Evanescence EP cover
Evanescence EP
Sound Asleep EP disc
Sound Asleep EP
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Origin CD
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Mystary EP
compact disc
Misc Tacks

Disclaimer: The tracks on this page are provided in accordance with the express permission granted by Ben Moody and Amy Lee in their interview with DC101 radio on February 24, 2003.

interviewer: but now do you realize how much your old stuff is selling for on ebay right now?
amy: it's a shame
ben: two hundred and fifty-five dollars
interviewer: isn't that amazing?
ben: I want to say right now, and I posted this on the message board, that's ridiculous
amy: we are not doing that
ben: download it
amy: yeah, download it
ben: download it - that's old stuff, you can't buy it, so you're not stealing anything from us, just download it
amy: honestly, just buy the album [Fallen] it's so much better now than we were when we were kids
ben: and for those of you selling it for that amount of money, it's a
amy: damn you!
ben: yeah, that's a freaking joke
interviewer: Ben, do you guys get pissed when you find out people are downloading your music?
ben: no
interviewer: not the old stuff, but I mean like anything like new that floats around?
amy: we want people to hear our music however they can and since the CD is right now - it's not out - you know to go online and to download it and to hear it and see if they want to buy the album that's totally great - I encourage that but you know we hope they'll like it enough to go buy the album when it comes out
ben: we have faith in the people who, if they really like our music
amy: they'll want to support us
ben: they're going to be cool enough to want to support us and realize that if they don't, then the record label gets our first born child


Evanescence EP

Evanescence EP cover
Download: Evanescence EP mp3 format zip | Evanescence EP flac format zip
Evanescence EP wav format zip
01 - Where Will You Go (EP Version)
02 - Solitude
03 - Imaginary (EP Version)
04 - Exodus
05 - So Close
06 - Understanding
07 - The End
Outtake - Give Unto Me
Outtake - My Immortal (Piano - Vocal)
Outtake - October
Outtake - Understanding

Sound Asleep EP

Sound Asleep EP disc
Download: Sound Asleep EP mp3 format zip | Sound Asleep EP flac format zip
01 - Give Unto Me
02 - Whisper (Demo Version)
03 - Understanding (Sound Asleep)
04 - Forgive Me
05 - Understanding
06 - Ascension Of The Spirit (truncated version)

Origin CD

Origin CD cover
Download: Origin CD mp3 format zip | Origin CD flac format zip
00 - Anywhere (outtake)
01 - Origin
02 - Whisper
03 - Imaginary
04 - My Immortal
05 - Where Will You Go
06 - Field Of Innocence
07 - Even In Death
08 - Anywhere
09 - Lies
10 - Away From Me
11 - Eternal

Mystary EP

compact disc
Download: Mystary EP mp3 format zip | Mystary EP flac format zip
01 - My Last Breath
02 - My Immortal
03 - Farther Away
04 - Everybody's Fool
05 - Imaginary

Misc Tracks

compact disc
Download: Misc mp3 format zip
Evanescence - Anything For You (Demo)
Evanescence - Before The Dawn (Demo)
Evanescence - Bleed (Demo)
Evanescence - Breathe No More (Demo)
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Demo v1)
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Demo v2)
Evanescence - Demise
Evanescence - Everybody's Fool (Demo v1)
Evanescence - Everybody's Fool (Demo v2)
Evanescence - Farther Away (Demo)
Evanescence - Forever You
Evanescence - Going Under (Demo)
Evanescence - Goodnight
Evanescence - Haunted (Demo v1)
Evanescence - Haunted (Demo v2)
Evanescence - Haunted (Demo v3)
Evanescence - Haunted (Demo v4)
Evanescence - Hello (Demo)
Evanescence - Imaginary (Demo v1)
Evanescence - Imaginary (Demo v2)
Evanescence - Imaginary (Fallen Pre Master)
Evanescence - Lies (Post Origin Demo)
Evanescence - Listen To The Rain
Evanescence - Missing (Demo)
Evanescence - My Last Breath (Demo)
Evanescence - Surrender (Demo)
Evanescence - Taking Over Me (Demo v1)
Evanescence - Taking Over Me (Demo v2)
Evanescence - Taking Over Me (Fallen Pre Master)
Evanescence - Tourniquet (Demo v1)
Evanescence - Tourniquet (Demo v2)
Evanescence - Tourniquet (Demo v3)
Evanescence - Tourniquet (Fallen Pre Master)
Evanescence - Whisper (Automata Magazine 3.0 Version)
Evanescence - Whisper (Post Origin Demo)
Evanescence - Whisper (Post Sound Asleep Demo)
Evanescence - Whisper (We The Living Vol. 3 Version)

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